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We provide an incomparable and ever dynamic websites for our clients by handling all aspects of building such websites from the scratch alongside it's content irrespective of sizes ranging from Single page, Small business sites, blogs to the full fledged websites such as Online Store, Portals, Media Platforms, Online Bookings and Reservations.

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We have the fitness and the full capacity of building full Content Management Websites using content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla, Drupal, Wp etc which can be maintained personally. Searchable database, Customer Identity Login and sharing resources are what we develop into your web based application to meet your desirable needs.

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We however, definitely provide a wide range of hosting and domain services inluding registration, shared or dedicated hosting alongside email facilities. This can assure you that your complete project can be managed, providing you the opportunity to build up your business without thinking of getting directly involved in the technical aspect of setting up a website.

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In this Technology Age, it is increasingly becoming common and dynamic for Web Based / Standalone Applications to go beyond the common story of its existence but to portray the attributes of why it exists by meeting the demand or solving the peoples problem.

Hardware and Software Infrastructure

Ajax Web Solutions helps it's client meet their needs with a wide range of IT Products and Services. Our offers range from back-end infrastructure for business applications, all from the design to it's implementation. However, both the private and public sector, companies and organizations needs both software and hardware resources specifically designed for it's purpose to run it's business. After all consultations and negotiations, we will provide and install the most relevant and cost effective Software Applications that you may need with a standard level of access for all users.
We design and develop Software Applications for clients on open-source platforms, and recommend measured open-source solutions where appropriate without being biased towards either technology stack.

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